Vendors and Partners

Rubber Resource has strong partnerships with our vendors. We pride ourselves on partnering with the best vendors in the materials and converting industry.

We have established excellent working relationships with our primary vendors, which gives us access to new products, preferential pricing, and technical resources. Although we buy from many sources in our search to find the best materials for our customers some of our main vendors are listed here.

current vendors
of Rubber Resource:

3m building in usa


One of the most innovative companies in the world, 3M provides Rubber Resource with tapes, urethane cushioning, films and fasteners. We are proud to be an Associate Converter for 3M.

Some of the products we stock from 3M are:

  • Bumpon
  • Low Surface Energy (LSE) Tapes
  • Hook and Loop
  • VHB tapes
  • High Bond Glues
  • Acrylic Tapes
  • ISOLOSS Microcellular Urethane Foams
  • PPP Protective Films


American Biltrite is a North American manufacturer of many types of rubber, and is one of our principal partners. AB has one of the most varied product sets in the industry and is known for their excellent chemistry and quality.

We carry Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Natural Rubber, Nitrile (Buna-N), and specialty blends in many sizes, thicknesses and durometer ratings from American Biltrite.

american biltrite for vandors


Sekisui Voltek makes cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foams for electronics, healthcare, transportation and general industrial use. Also know as STI Company, they specializes in closed cell plastic roll foam. We carry Volara, Artilon and other STI products. They produce their products across the globe.


Parker Hannifin-Chomerics supplies Rubber Resource with several foam and plastic materials for the electronics industry. They produce electrically conductive and thermal interface materials.

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Berry makes films and tapes used in many industries. They specialize in engineered tapes made for any application. We have had a long relationship with Adchem/Berry Specialty Tapes, and have used the 5944M, 8311M and 254M tapes, among others, for many years.


Rogers Corporation is one of the largest foam and advanced materials producers in the world and has a diverse product set that includes polyurethane foams, engineered cellular rubber and silicone foams and rubbers. They are the makers of Poron.


some of our
other vendors

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American Rubber Products

American Rubber Products. American Rubber specializes in silicone sheet and sponge for the electronics industry and high-heat applications. They have a strong West Coast distribution.

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Amorim Cork Composites

Manufacturers of sustainable materials, Amorim Cork Composites furnishes Rubber Resource with cork and natural materials.

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Armacell Foams

Armacell manufactures Elastomeric and Polyolefin Component foams in North America for the transportation, medical and electronics industries, among others.

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Griffith Rubber Mills

Both as a customer and supplier, Rubber Resource has a long standing relationship with Griffith and the skilled team of rubber professionals there.

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Laird Plastics

Laird supplies polycarbonate and engineering plastics, films and adhesives, along with many other materials globally.

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Penn Fibre

Penn Fibre makes poly sheeting for uses ranging from general industrial to very high temperature specialty applications.

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RB Rubber

Makers of recycled rubber sheeting, Ultimate RB products are used for recreation, agriculture, fitness and flooring, as well as general industrial applications.

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Vip Rubber

Makers of sheet rubber, extruded and molded rubber, Vip specializes in unique and custom formulations.

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WARCO makes stock and custom rubber sheeting, matting and molded products in the USA.

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Producers of unique closed cell polyethylenes, Zote specializes in technical and medical applications, and foams for the recreation market.

Frequently Asked


How does Rubber Resource choose its vendors?

We have formed partnerships with many of our vendors based on years of consistent quality, service, and economical pricing. Many of our vendors refer leads to us because we know what materials will work, and how to fabricate those materials.

Where are the suppliers located that Rubber Resource uses?

We are primarily focused on suppliers in North America. Some of our suppliers have single-location plants in the USA. Others have global facilities. Only a few are strictly imports, and those are for customers that have specific application needs that are not met with domestic sources.