EVA Foam Supplier in Portland, Oregon

Rubber Resource specializes in foam fabrication and can custom slit or die cut foams of nearly any type. We work with many different types of foam materials, including EVA foam sheets and EVA foam rolls.  We also stock over 150 different foams.

Most chemical materials, as well as many thicknesses, densities, and several colors are found in our warehouse. When you have foam applications, contact Rubber Resource!

About Foam materials
Foam Types

There are several main types of foam materials:

foam Applications

Example 1



Example 2


Case Inserts

Example 3


Electrical device components

other applications
of this material include:



Sound attenuation/sound absorption

Window seals

Car interior parts

Frequently Asked


Do you have flame resistant foams?

Yes! We have foams that meet FMVSS 302 foams for transportation and other applications.

Can you put adhesive on foam?

Yes! We can laminate any compatible adhesive tape to foam to create the part you need. We can also put spray adhesive on foams to build in-house.

What is EVA foam?

EVA foam stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate foam. It's a closed-cell foam material that is soft, flexible, and durable. EVA foam is widely used in various applications due to its versatility. Learn more about what EVA foam is and its uses here.