Custom Cut Foam Inserts

Rubber Resource specializes in fabricating both soft and rigid, single and multi-layer foam inserts for packaging. No matter what you need to protect, from delicate electronics to breakable porcelain, we can source the right materials and precision cut the appropriate cushioning for your project. We can even source cases directly and deliver a complete packaging solution for your custom product. Call now to discuss your needs.

Frequently Asked


Does Rubber Resource offer FDA approved materials?

Yes. We offer foams, films, and tapes that are approved for direct and indirect food contact. For direct food contact, we have the data pages of the materials required for your FDA approval process. For indirect food contact, we provide a list of materials in the product or a certification from the manufacturer that no materials disallowed by the FDA are in the product.

Can Rubber Resource provide cases as well as inserts?

Yes. We have extensive relationships with providers of stock and custom cases, including genuine Pelican™ cases and reinforced flight cases of all types.