Custom Foam Inserts for Boxes, Packaging, and Cases

At Rubber Resource, we offer a superior-quality custom foam insert--both soft and rigid--for any box, case, or package, regardless of size or design. Our packaging solutions focus on protecting delicate items within various industries, using materials such as silicone, polyethylene, and polyurethane foam inserts. Our hassle-free services allow you to have just what you need for protection from moisture and various transport risks--all with competitive pricing and professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

Cases For Your Product Line

We take pride in manufacturing custom foam inserts that offer unbeatable value without compromising quality. When you choose the ideal size, our professional technicians will carry you through each step of the application process.


You don't need technical expertise because we handle everything from concept to production. With our state-of-the-art foam manufacturing facilities, we guarantee that the final product will exceed your expectations and meet your budget. You can trust our foam cutting to protect your valuable gear.


We can even source cases directly and deliver a complete packaging solution for your custom product. We have extensive relationships with providers of stock and custom cases, including genuine Pelican cases and reinforced flight cases of all types. Call us now to discuss your needs.

Which Types of Foam are Available?

Although we offer an extensive range of foam solutions to cater to diverse applications across various industries, in the world of packaging, we can provide two main types of foam:

  • Polyethylene Foam: This resilient, dense, lightweight foam provides excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening, ideal for packaging and cushioning applications since it will not break apart under duress.
  • Polyurethane Foam: Available in both rigid and flexible forms, polyurethane foam is versatile, offering superior insulation properties.
  • EVA and XL PE Foam: More attractive than standard PE, and more durable than PU, these foams offer a more polished look, and are used for case inserts where longevity and durability are important.  These foams also offer the most options for colors, although they are also the least economical.

When you have foam applications, contact Rubber Resource!

Custom Foam Inserts for Fragile Equipment Cases

With its precision fabrication capabilities, Rubber Resource can produce custom foam inserts from our customer’s designs that ensure the utmost protection for fragile equipment during transport or storage. These tailored inserts fit each piece of equipment's specific dimensions and contours, cradling it securely within the case to mitigate the risk of damage from shocks, vibrations, or impacts.

This customization facilitates physical defense and optimal organization within the cases, streamlining the packing process and improving ease of access to the equipment when needed.

Custom Cut Foam Inserts Offer Security in Numerous Applications

Custom foam inserts offer versatility, making them the preferred choice for protecting any product. Whether an extraordinarily fragile or irregularly shaped item, these inserts safeguard your valuables. They are excellent for shipping products, and professionals across various industries also trust them to protect equipment like drill sets and mechanical items. Additionally, with a broad range of color and molding options, these foams can add an aesthetic appeal to your packaging.

  • Protective Packaging: Custom foam inserts can fit snugly and guard items, such as sensitive machine or automotive parts, during shipping, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Equipment Cases: They are used in cases for sensitive equipment like cameras and scientific instruments to cushion and hold each piece securely.
  • Tool Organization: Tailoring foam inserts for tool boxes or drawers helps to organize and shield tools, making them easily accessible.
  • Medical Devices: Custom inserts offer protection and organization for medical and surgical instruments, ensuring they are safely transported and stored.
  • Display Cases: They provide an aesthetically pleasing and secure way to display valuable items in retail or exhibition settings.
  • Musical Instruments: Specially designed inserts can help guard delicate instruments during transportation and storage.
  • Electronic Products: Foam inserts are perfect for safely housing electronics, such as drones, laptops, or gaming consoles.
  • Sports Equipment: Athletes and teams opt for custom inserts to safeguard their gear, including helmets, paddles, or racquets.
  • Firearms: Custom cut foam is ideal for securing sporting rifles or shotguns, plus their accessories.

Contact Rubber Resource For Custom Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts benefit businesses and individuals seeking reliable, protective, and tailor-made packaging solutions. With decades of Rubber Resource stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering an array of customizable options that match the precise needs of its customers. These inserts safeguard valuables during transit, reflecting the care and attention to detail companies invest in customer relationships.

Choosing custom foam inserts from Rubber Resource is an investment in product longevity, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. In an era where the presentation is just as critical as the product itself, Rubber Resource's custom foam solutions emerge as an indispensable asset for anyone seeking excellence in packaging. Reach out to us today to request a quote.

Frequently Asked


Does Rubber Resource offer FDA approved materials?

Yes. We offer foams, films, and tapes that are approved for direct and indirect food contact. For direct food contact, we have the data pages of the materials required for your FDA approval process. For indirect food contact, we provide a list of materials in the product or a certification from the manufacturer that no materials disallowed by the FDA are in the product.

Can Rubber Resource provide cases as well as inserts?

Yes. We have extensive relationships with providers of stock and custom cases, including genuine Pelican™ cases and reinforced flight cases of all types.