Construction Materials Supplier in Portland, Oregon

As a construction materials supplier, Rubber Resource creates custom products for the construction and fenestration industries. We specialize in fabricating and manufacturing components to help with both assembly aids as well as tangible products in both markets.

We fabricate rubbers, foams as well as adhesive-backed parts for every conceivable construction and fenestration product in the market today.


Rubber Resource produces thousands of products for the construction and fenestration industry. Matting, seals, protective films, cushioning foams, glazing tapes, and electrical insulation products are just a part of what we can provide.

We pioneered FoamGuard, our specialty window protection foam for commercial installation, providing superior protection to the standard films and saving installers money through fewer damaged window frames.


Construction / Fenestration

FoamGuard window protection foam

Protective Films

3M Bumpon products

Neoprene gaskets

Glazing tape

Frequently Asked


What if I need a custom part for my equipment or project?

Rubber Resource will work with you to design the most efficient, low-cost solution for your application.

What does Rubber Resource offer for window installation?

Rubber Resource stocks protective films, foams, and glazing tape for window protection and installation. We also have window setting blocks for safe transportation and storage of windows.