Food-Grade Materials Supplier in Portland, Oregon

Rubber Resource creates and sources many custom products for the Food Processing industry. We specialize in fabricating and manufacturing components to help as both assembly aids as well as FDA approved materials for the food processing industry.

Rubber Resource can be your one-stop shop for FDA-approved materials that will help your facilities stay compliant.

Rubber Resource has over 25 years of experience helping our customers staying safe, efficient, ergonomic, and compliant in the food processing industry. We can help you stay compliant with our extensive offering of products in the food processing industry.

food grade

It is essential to have the proper materials for processing, sorting, transporting, and packaging food products.

Rubber Resource makes bin and chute padding, packaging pieces, and process bumpers for the produce and food processing industry. We have FDA-approved films, foams, and tapes to facilitate your job with safe and approved products.


Food Grade / Processing

Rogers HT-800 Silicone Sponge

BF 1000 white closed cell


Adchem 8311M double coated tape

Frequently Asked


Does Rubber Resource offer FDA approved materials?

Yes. We offer foams, films, and tapes that are approved for direct and indirect food contact.

Can Rubber Resource provide documentation for food grade approvals?

Yes. For direct food contact, we have the data pages of the materials we sell. For indirect food contact, we provide a list of materials in the product or a certification from the manufacturer that no materials disallowed by the FDA are in the product.