Tool and Die Maker in Portland, Oregon

Rubber Resource has the ability to create our own tools and precision dies. The ability to create our own tooling and dies in-house makes Rubber Resource unique in the material converting industry. We pride ourselves on our tool making capabilities This in-house ability gives us a leg up on all our competition. Whenever a custom job comes in that requires something out of the ordinary our customers can trust that we have the wherewithal to design and build their tooling in-house.

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This allows us to expedite orders, meet demanding and tight schedules and satisfy our customers every time they trust us with a job. These capabilities allow us to create or modify tools in-house, resulting in lower cost, better precision and faster turn-around for our customers.

We can create custom dies for cutting rubbers, foams, films, paper, cloth, adhesives, and many other materials. Bring Rubber Resource your ideas and let us show you how we can delight you as a customer.

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Frequently Asked


How long does it take to make a tool at Rubber Resource?

Depending on size and materials we can create simple tools and dies in as little as 1-2 days. However, sometimes size or complexity means we have to order some supplies to create what our customer needs and the material availability will dictate longer lead times for certain jobs.

What is a tool? How does it work?

In the converting world tools, also known as dies, are metal blades fashioned on a base, that are used to cut out the shapes that our customers require. Think of an industrial strength cookie-cutter...Sometimes coming down with the force of 20-30 elephants.