Skiving Services in Portland, OR - Meet Our New ESCO Skiver!

Rubber Resource now has the ability to cut custom thicknesses of foams with our new ESCO RS-60 skiver. The ability to cut custom thicknesses makes Rubber Resource unique in the material converting industry. We are able not only to give our customers the exact designs they want for their parts but this new tool enables us to be more efficient in our purchasing, and to have more options in stock. Whenever a custom job comes in that requires something out of the ordinary our customers can trust that we have the ability to take care of their needs.

This allows us to expedite orders, meet demanding and tight schedules and satisfy our customers every time they trust us with a job. Bring Rubber Resource your ideas and let us show you how we can delight you as a customer.

ESCO Skiver

esco skiver 2
esco skiver 1

Frequently Asked


What is a skiving machine?

A skiving machine is a specialized tool used in various industries, particularly in leatherworking and manufacturing processes. The primary function of a skiving machine is to thin or taper the edges of materials, typically leather, fabric, or plastic, by removing a portion of the material from one or both sides.

How does the skiver work?

The machine operates by feeding the material through a set of rollers, where it comes into contact with a rotating blade or cutting tool. This blade shaves off a controlled amount of material from the edge, resulting in a thinner edge compared to the rest of the material.