Waterjet & Laser Cutting Services in Portland, Oregon

Are you looking for a unique and efficient way to bring your manufacturing process into the 21st century, while ensuring top-notch results? Then consider adding Rubber Resource’s Portland waterjet cutting services to your operations.


With the latest technology at our disposal, our team can help you create precision-cut components that enhance performance, reduce material costs, and lower production timeframes across any project.

Take advantage of our superior laser or waterjet cutting technology capabilities combined with experienced professionals for maximum success in all of your manufacturing projects!

Cutting Services

Rubber Resource, one of the leading Portland waterjet cutting companies, provides various advantages that make it a superior choice for many industries. One of the primary benefits of waterjet technology is its versatility.

This process can cut through virtually any material type, including stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, glass, and non-ferrous metals like brass and copper. Even with thicker materials and hardened steel, the waterjet cutting process delivers precise, clean, quality cuts every time, maintaining the integrity of the base material without creating heat-affected zones.

Additionally, precision waterjet cutting reduces waste significantly. Because it uses a fine, high-pressure water jet, there is less material loss in the kerf or the cut width. The narrow cut translates into more efficient use of material and reduced costs.

Furthermore, waterjet cutting is an eco-friendly process. It does not produce harmful byproducts or requires oils or emulsifiers that can harm the environment. Our custom waterjet cutting service’s benefits extend beyond the production process, contributing to sustainable business practices and eco-conscious manufacturing.

A machine creating fabric using a waterjet cutting service.

Which Manufacturers Are The Primary Candidates For Our
Portland Waterjet Cutting Service?

  • Metal fabrication shops: Our waterjet cutting capabilities can handle materials up to eight inches thick with tolerances as close as +/- .005″. Unlike milling and laser cutting, our precise machining ensures minimal burrs and no heat damage when we precut your parts.
  • Sign companies: We can bring your customers’ vision to life by cutting letters, banners, and other artistic projects. Our waterjet can cut virtually any size and font you can imagine. Entrusting us to cut out your signage frees up your resources for different operations. We offer custom cutting for almost any material, including brittle materials and hard metals.
  • Machine Shops: We can precut large or small parts and offer a fast turnaround. You can then nest your cut parts in your mill, saving milling time and reducing wear and tear on your machine.
  • Construction Contractors: Our custom-cutting service creates artistic designs requiring quality and precision.
  • Metal stamping and tool die makers: We leverage our precision waterjet cutting applications to save on tooling costs for short-run parts. Our waterjet shop can easily handle hard-to-stamp materials.
  • Torched or burned parts: If your part is too thick for plasma or laser cutting, our waterjet can cut it without heat damage or secondary cleanup.
  • Artistic designers: Imagination is the only limit! We specialize in cutting virtually any material with accuracy into any shape you desire. Our expertise extends to metal art, where we can bring your artistic designs to life.
A drill is cutting a plastic sheet using a waterjet cutting service.

Waterjet Cutting Service:
Examples Of Applications

  • Aerospace Industry: Waterjet cutting creates intricate and precise components for aircraft, such as gaskets, spacers, and interior parts.
  • Automotive: Our technology cuts and shapes car parts like gaskets, trim, and interior parts.
  • Manufacturing: Waterjet cutting helps to create a variety of products, such as fabric parts, insulators, case inserts, and ergonomic mats.
  • Marine Industry: Marine companies use waterjet for cutting gaskets, trim, engine mounting, floatation foam, and deck matting.
  • Electronics: Waterjet cutting machinery produces gaskets, spacers, nameplates, and other electronic components of varying thicknesses
  • Packaging: Waterjet cutting can create intricate designs and patterns in materials for foam case inserts and cushioning.
A machine performing waterjet cutting service on a table, precisely slicing metal.

Recapping The Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

  • Precision: Waterjet cutting is highly accurate and can make high-precision cuts with a small kerf width, leaving finely cut edges.
  • No Heat-Affected Zone: Since it is a cold-cutting process, there is no heat-affected zone. This lack of heat prevents materials from warping, melting, or hardening during cutting.
  • Versatility: It can cut various materials, from rubber and plastics to metals, glass, granite, and ceramics.
  • Environmental Safety: Waterjet cutting is eco-friendly as it doesn’t create hazardous waste or fumes.
  • Minimal Material Waste: Because of its precision, the process leads to minimal wastage of the material.
  • No Need for Finishing Processes: The quality of the cut edges is so high that, in most cases, no secondary finishing processes are required.
A machine creating fabric using a waterjet cutting service.