Cutting Service in Portland, Oregon

Rubber Resource has been die cutting rubber for over 25 years. We are experts at looking at your application and designing the most efficient and effective methodology for producing your parts using whichever equipment is the most appropriate for the job.


We can die cut parts out of many materials including rubbers, foams, films, fabrics, papers, foils, corks, and tapes.

There Are Several Die Cutting Methods That Rubber Resource Uses To Produce Parts For Our Customers.

Flatbed die cutters are for larger, lower quantity jobs and utilize a thin steel edge in the requested shape to smash out the finished piece. The parts can be cut clean through, or ‘kiss-cut’ to leave them attached to the matrix for further processing. Parts can also be designed to ‘nest’, one inside of the other, for the most efficient use of the materials. We can cut parts up to 75”x41”.

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Roll-fed punch presses are used when parts need to be cut at a faster rate and are more easily managed with a continual fed roll. Or, for kiss-cut (straight edge continuous parts the full width of the material) parts. Roll-fed presses are used for smaller parts and are fed through the press automatically. Our roll-fed presses can handle parts up to 11.5” wide and 14.5” long. For kiss-cut parts, the length can be nearly unlimited.

Rotary die presses work like the roll-fed punch, but the die is cylindrical and turns with the material, making a very fast and precise cut. Typically only smaller size (under 8”) parts that are very high-volume are produced on a rotary press.


Die cutting Applications

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Ergonomic Mat

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Example 3



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rubber part

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Example 5


Case Inset

Frequently Asked


What if I need just a few parts for trial, but then I will need more?

We can cut trial parts on our laser or smaller punch press (with a temporary die) and then go to the larger presses for larger scale manufacturing.

How large a part can you die cut at Rubber Resource?

Our larger presses cut materials up to 75”x45”. Rotary and roll-fed punch presses are for smaller parts, usually less than 11”x14”.