Custom Gasket Maker in Portland, Oregon

Rubber Resource provides custom die-cut gaskets tailored to our customer's exact specifications. Renowned for our precision cutting and material selection expertise, we produce each gasket with the highest quality standards, including exceptional accuracy and reliability. Whether for industrial machinery, automotive applications, or specialized equipment, our custom solutions mean optimal performance and durability, making us a cornerstone in the world of custom gasket manufacturing.


At Rubber Resource, traditional craftsmanship, and innovative techniques combine to create custom gaskets that stand the test of time. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Rubber Resource delivers a product and a service that ensures seamless operations for businesses across various industries in Portland and beyond. 

Rubber Resource
Employs Different Methods to Manufacture Gaskets

Rubber Resource uses three primary methods for producing high-quality custom gaskets: die cutting, water jet cutting, and kiss cutting. Each technique offers unique advantages that cater to different project requirements.

Die-cutting is a fast and cost-effective method for large production runs. It involves creating a custom die in the shape of the gasket that stamps out the gasket from the chosen material. This method is highly efficient for producing uniform parts and is excellent for most materials of varying thicknesses, providing a clean and precise edge finish.

On the other hand, waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure jet of water, sometimes combined with an abrasive material, to cut through the material. Since this method does not require a custom die, it is ideal for short production runs or when intricately detailed shapes are needed. 

In kiss cutting, the gasket material is fed through a press with a calibrated die to slice through it precisely while leaving the backing layer intact. This technique allows the gasket to be peeled off quickly.

Each method is chosen based on our client's specific needs, such as material type, gasket complexity, production volume, and budget to ensure the best combination of precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, waterjet cutting is an eco-friendly process. It does not produce harmful byproducts or requires oils or emulsifiers that can harm the environment. Our custom waterjet cutting service’s benefits extend beyond the production process, contributing to sustainable business practices and eco-conscious manufacturing.


We Choose from Several Material Options
to Produce Our Custom Gaskets

Rubber Resource taps into its large inventory of gasket materials to produce high-performance gaskets suitable for various applications, industries, and environmental conditions. Our selection of non-metallic materials encompasses natural rubber, neoprene, cork, closed-cell sponge, silicone, and other seals, each chosen for its unique properties that address specific operational challenges.

We ensure that each gasket we produce offers optimal performance and longevity by ensuring compatibility with the application's conditions, such as exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or rigorous mechanical stresses.


Various Applications for Custom Gaskets in Portland

Rubber Resource's custom-cut gaskets work well across various industries and applications due to their ability to seal, cushion, and insulate. Here are some of the diverse applications for custom gaskets:


  • Automotive industry gaskets ensure tight engine components, fuel, and exhaust system seals. 
  • Aerospace and aviation gaskets must withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, so they are in aircraft engines, fuel systems, and various cabin applications.
  • Medical equipment gaskets are made from materials that comply with stringent health and safety regulations, such as FDA-approved food-grade materials. They appear in devices like diagnostic equipment and surgical tools.
  • In electronics, gaskets protect sensitive components from dust, moisture, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). 
  • Industrial machinery requires gaskets to seal hydraulic lines, prevent leaks in fluid systems, and isolate vibration.
  • Custom gaskets in the oil and gas industry resist corrosive substances and extreme conditions.


For each of these applications and many more, the gaskets must be designed to meet specific requirements, such as resistance to temperature extremes, chemicals, pressure, and other environmental factors. Custom gasket fabrication allows for the creation of gaskets that meet exacting tolerances and material specifications.


Frequently Asked


Can Rubber Resource produce gaskets of various geometries?

Rubber Resource creates a CAD file from customer-supplied drawings, meaning complex and basic gasket shapes are easy to produce. Most gasket geometries are rectangular, ID/OD, and “window” gaskets. We manufacture them using waterjet, die, or kiss-cutting techniques.

What are rubber gaskets used for?

Rubber gaskets are utilized to create seals between two surfaces, preventing the leakage of fluids or gases. They find application in plumbing systems, automotive engines, industrial machinery, appliances, and HVAC systems, ensuring efficient operation and containment.

Why use a waterjet cutter for making custom gaskets?

Our waterjet cutters allow us to produce low-volume production parts without tooling, which allows for a quick turnover and lower costs for the customer.