Rubber Resource has a wide variety of equipment available for fabricating parts. We fabricate parts from many types of die presses, as well as a CNC waterjet, CNC router and laser cutters.  We also have 60” width slitting and laminating as well as a complete tool shop for die making and hand fabrication of parts.


We combine that equipment with 26 years of experience in die-cutting, slitting, laminating, and materials knowledge to create the best die-cutting and fabrication value for our customers!

What Can We Do?

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Die Cutting

Rubber Resource has 26 years of experience die cutting parts from all types of industries and from numerous materials. We have several types of cutting presses, including beam, traveling head and continuous feed, and can engineer the process to match our customers’ specific needs.

Waterjet Cutting

We have the capability to create custom parts on our in-house line of waterjet cutters. For parts that need another method of cutting, due to material, quantity or size requirements, these machines offer our customers other options for efficient and economical parts. We can cut parts up to 60” wide and 96” long and  6” thick on the waterjet.  Although it is possible to cut metals and stone, we are limiting our waterjet cutting to less-rigid materials and a more precise water stream.  It is still possible to cut most plastics and even carbon fiber on our machine.

waterjet cutting
waterjet or laser cutting services in portland oregon

Horizontal Slitting / Skiving

Rubber Resource can precision slit horizontal material up to 63” wide to create custom thicknesses.


Slitting & Laminating

Rubber Resource can auto slit and laminate up to 62” wide. We can hand cut and laminate even larger parts.


Sometimes there are needs that cannot be met with off-the shelf or even machine produced parts. In those cases, Rubber Resource turns to our Custom Fabrication department, to create those one-off parts that our customers need. We have a staff of engineers who customize solutions for customers every day.

Custom tool making


Need a quick tool made for your part? We have in-house tool makers with the expertise and equipment to make our own dies and tools. This makes us more efficient than many of our competitors.

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