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Rubber Resource is your west coast rubber and foam converter...and so much more. We specialize in working with fabrics, adhesives and many other materials

As a rubber and foam fabricator we convert sheet and roll stock materials into tangible parts that meet our customers requirements. We are committed to our customers and their goals, as well as being a good corporate citizen here in the beautiful Northwest!

History of Rubber Resource

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Rubber Resource was formed in 1995 to deliver superior rubber and foam fabrication services in the transportation, marine and gasket industries. The founders felt there was a need in the area for a rubber and foam converter that could react rapidly and produce goods quickly and at a fair price. They succeeded and started to draw customers from industries that they had not originally considered: apparel, recreational products, construction, and household goods. Ergonomics, electronics and medical products followed soon after. They expanded into slitting and branched out from punch presses into other forms of cutting and have continued to grow ever since. Their growth was fed by focusing on the customer and treating everyone with honesty, fairness and respect. After 26 successful years in business the original owners sold the company to their favorite adhesives and materials salesperson.

Dave Harden


I started in the industry selling packaging and construction tapes for Shurtape Technologies in California in 2002. It was at Shurtape where I developed a passion for finding the right material to make my customers’ projects function. I followed that with a move to Adchem Engineered Tapes, where I was able to specialize in a more technical sale and further my knowledge of the fabrication industry. I would eventually go out on my own as a materials consultant and provider, selling for DermaMed Medical Adhesives, Adchem, Berry Plastics, and others. It was in this function that I met the owners of Rubber Resource, and after spending several months learning from them, I purchased the company in May 2021.

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The ability to have great suppliers and to be able to use their products and knowledge to help the many varied customers of Rubber Resource makes every day interesting and challenging. I love the opportunity to help my customers solve their fabrication problems and earn their business.

Acquiring this business has been a long term goal of mine and I am excited to continue the work of my predecessors in building great products for our customers. The founders of the company built a great business and I am proud to continue their legacy of making our customers happy through expert material selection, intelligent engineering, and efficient manufacturing.


Rubber Resource is committed to help our customers through expert material selection, intelligent engineering and efficient, sustainable manufacturing. We will treat our customers, employees, suppliers and community with honesty, fairness and respect.

We are committed to this Mission Statement and let it drive us in all we do. Without it, we cannot sustain a good customer base, excellent employees, good supplier relationships or the trust of the community.

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