Water-Jet cutting

When you need a part that is cut to tight tolerances, or you don’t want any heat generated with the cut, the water jet is an excellent choice. Depending on the material, Rubber Resource can hold tolerances of 0.0078” with the water jet.


Water jet cutting is also a cost-effective choice for smaller runs where a die could add unneeded costs to a one-and-done job.

Water jet cutting is also an advantage when the thickness of the material makes die-cutting difficult to hold part tolerances.


Rubber Resource can make rapid first article parts using a CO2 laser controlled by a CNC system.

Our Laser gives us a competitive advantage over our competition by allowing us to make fast prototypes and first articles to get our customers the products they need to make complex decisions in the development process.

Our Laser cutting, using a focused single wavelength of light controlled by a computer, can make precision cuts that can produce a first article or small run efficiently and inexpensively. Rubber Resource can hold tolerances up to 0.0163” with a laser. Our laser cutting surface is limited to 24” x 16”.

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Laser / Water-Jet Cutting
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Water-jet Cutting

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Laser Cutting

Frequently Asked


How thick can Rubber Resource cut with the water jet?

Rubber Resource can water jet cut through most flexible material up to 2.5” thick.

Can the water jet or laser cut adhesive?

Yes. We have worked with adhesive suppliers to approve tapes for effective water jet and laser cutting. At Rubber Resource we can laminate adhesive to most materials and then laser or water jet cut those materials to our customers' specifications.